Wow… So I’ve got apps on my phone, I’m listening to the radio, on my phone… Technology eh? I love this game, so we’re winning, and what? I was in a coma, so missed like 7 weeks of the NFL… Matt, Gord, and Anthony, that’s my love! NFL and the fact I’ve found guys that love it too! People mock it, but they just don’t understand it, simple!

I love the NFL more than football, I got an A-Rod(g) Pro Bowl jersey, I’m in freaking hospital listening to “the game” on BBC Radio 5 Live Extra, I have and always have had ESPN updates, Patriots and more importantly Packers, I wish ONE superbowl with each features, full strength though, this year for Green Bay has been a disaster. “Too injured to compete”, “Licking too many wounds”, “Big players, out”, “we’re” still in the Post-Season though!

So this radio is on a 5 minute or so delay, I’m in hospital, I don’t wanna be a typical bloke but I do love sport! Pack are still getting “shiznit” done. Man Utd as lacklustre as I’ve EVER seen, still won vs. Liverpool. Manager, owners, setup, I’m not a LiverFOOL fan, damn Samuel L. (Leroy, thanks Tom Court!) Jackson in ’51st State’ they are a rival… Love the fact they’re fail, would be the same if United fail, don’t lie! You’d love it!

As I digress, Mr. Court, *sigh*, this game on the radio is 5 or so minutes behind, so no spoilers… Go Pack Go!