Last night I swear it was all kicking off… Eastenders it weren’t! Wimbledon forever to wait do waiting for wait for
Wimbledon. I don’t want a lack of balance anymore! It’s quite frustrating! A zimmer-frame… A ZIMMER FRAME! I’m 24 years old! Apparently too much for my folks, 24/7 surveillance, really don’t need it though, but all this moving about, moved to West Midd to be
closer to home, then of course Wimbledon as they deal with neurosurgery, but Wimbledon a wait, a wait West Middlesex say is a bit too long, they want the bed, the space, they can have it, if I’m closer to my goal, walking without a frame.

A nurse comes into the ward and says she wants to move me, I ask where, she didn’t know where, just be ready to be moved, she’s doing her job but
that’s retarded! Move…. Where?!?! She even had my stuff collected in a bag… TO WHERE?!?!? My friends Matt ‘Mattman’ Bright and Anthony ‘Who Randy Moss?’ Watmon came by… Fairplay! and my Aunt Sheri… It was like “Be’ave all this behaviour!”

I was moving out before this, my house is a madhouse, don’t invite people over for a reason! Always have and will love my parents but it’s like… Lemme get messy and make mistakes, never been known for making sound decisions, but they are my mistakes to make I think. Care but too much caring? :/ The hospital dunno if it’s free space for the sicker or it’s gotta keep stats up… but I say I don’t like the idea of coming home…. Hmm, I just wanna get back! :/