Wow… Wimbledon is balls… West Middlesex Speech & Language Therapy as well as Physiotherapy until then, clearly Wimbledon is balls… Until then innit! Keep telling myself that. My first Speech & Language sesh started today in earnest. Questions about my life before and after “this”, and of course, “I’m going to read you a story, try and remember it” innit :p

I’ve met the lass before but this is crazy, you could be seeing other people surely? People no? I just like the company and asked I hope it’s not a burden seeing me right? Im just focusing on the walking without a frame, if I’m coherent… All that matters. I saw people after surgery, it’s all VERY much, thankful my friends and family. I mean I’ve seen firsthand the way “it” looks, not barely 2 coherent words, had to say each word separately, I’m a sentence man now! Even my best friend said I’m in a better shape! Bless him.

I’ll kill him on FIFA 11, dump the control and walk on, but meh! His family are amazing, his girlfriend is cool, its all just great for him and I’m happy for him… After this I’m off to McClusky’s or Oceana though!… And not to drink… yep!