They say time is precious, I’m feeling that now more than ever! And I swear rehab can’t come soon enough, this is lame… Waiting around, waiting on a list, it’s ALWAYS been waiting list if you didn’t already know, rehab at West Middlesex till Wolfson, I’m closing one eye to focus atm, can’t balance, and the bed… So sure others need it more.

I know a stroke (that’s the term now) is no laughing matter, but still sure others need it more, the bed, the treatment etc. happy to be alive and such but still… Woah! You just can’t believe it’s happened to you is all, I do like the food though, well losing weight, 2 stone it is…. Woop! Muscle doe… Beware 2012 AT MOST! I’m thinking 2011 though :p

It’s funny because all gifts and stuff is welcome but is it a dream? When I heard “stroke”… Was a weird one, age and you’re NOT exempt? Who knew… You’re not. Is it hereditary, is it some one-off, who knows, you do think you gave to be ‘quite late in the day’ to suffer one… Clearly not… They clearly wanna be 100% before they know stuff and say stuff, but what do you think? I need answers, tis like an episode of ‘Lost’. :p

A ‘friend couple’ (fruople?) were waiting in A+E 2hrs+ I was saying understaffed, overworked, severity of damage to themselves and others, thats how the NHS rolls, I’m in a waiting list for Wimbledon, waiting months for a follow up MRI… Woah! Just know I wanna get answers pleeeeeeease! I don’t love the NHS, but without it, there’s nothing, America before Obama… Exactly! Insurance, and those don’t have? It’s like s patient next to me had a German friend knock it, I’m not a nationalist, I’m a realist, not everyone has!