Thanks to a certain Mr. Matthew Bright, saw the NFL finale,
Bucs @ Saints, Bucs win the battle, not the war, still Seahawks @
Saints next week in the Wild Card Round, Buccaneers made a ruddy
good account for themselves, the Saints just won a Super Bowl mind!
Tampa Bay won last night 23 – 13 vs. the New Orleans Saints…
Saints are still in the post! The Bucs aren’t! But to my team, 10+
on Injured Reserve (IR), IR means once on it that player doesn’t
back for the year, that’s it, no return, we had no less than +10
starters on it, that’s Nick Barnett (ILB), Ryan Grant (RB), Morgan
Burnett (SS), Jermichael Finley (TE), Mike Neal (DE), Brady
Poppinga (OLB), Justin Harrell (DE), Brad Jones (OLB), Josh Bell
(CB), Derrick Martin (FS), all pivotal players. The talk of The
Super Bowl has eased up, but “we’re” in The Post Season, woooooo!
One step at a time and all that jazz. So “we’re” against the
Philadelphia Eagles… Doable. We beat them was it Week 1 or Week
2? I don’t know form or rosters, but I’m thinking we’ll do this! we
neutralised Phillys Offense, even gave their starting QB a
concussion, Andy Reid (Eagles), and Bill Belichick (Patriots) have
gone down in my estimations though, not as great as I once thought.
The Pats did beat the Dolphins to sew up the AFC and the AFC East.
When people doubted the Pats even in the AFC East because of the
Jets… Pa-lease! Hindsight is a beautiful thing but thought and
think I’ve said it. I say a lot of things though :p It is the
Packers then Patriots though, in a face-off I wouldn’t know O_o
Thumb-War at the half-way line? Nah, LOVE the Packers! The
Cardinals aren’t the top team in the AFC West, actually both West
divisions are a joke… Not a funny one! San Diego lost the AFC
West division to the Kansas City Chiefs… REALLY? and the Rams
(yep) won the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks have won a Wildcard
place, it’s a funny one, all you’d predict, no-where near I mean
the Cowboys were where? O_o