Yep… Daily blog time… Well till I get a shut up! Blogging on an
iPhone shows boredom and a lack of self restraint :p I love this
phone, world at my fingertips. Fantastic! If you’ve never been to
hospital before, 6am Blood Pressure test, 8:30am Medicine, 9am
BREAKFAST, 9:30am Medicine 10am Blood Pressure test, 12:30pm LUNCH,
2pm-8pm VISITORS 6pm DINNER, AFTER DINNER blood thinner (didn’t
mean to make that rhyme), 9pm Blood Pressure 9:30pm Medicine, 10pm
(latest) Lights Out, it’s all really… Quite standard O_o I’m not
thick, know scores, all scores, I like the sweets I’m getting
>..< Grateful as always, are these "Alex it
happened around Christmas… Two birds!", or is it
"Alex nearly died… Hmm, could mean I'm entitled
to this present" :p So far "THE GIFT" is
an Aaron Rodgers Pro Bowl jersey… LOVE IT! 😀 And as told will
NEVER age, A-Rod's (I know there's one in New
York that plays baseball but he's not a Green Bay Packer)
first Pro Bowl! p.s. How good are 'The XX'…