This is like the best week ever! I’m not dead, I like the
fact “my” teams are doing well, Quins, Man Utd, England Cricket
Team, erm the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Red Wings, it’s all
good! My latest is the Ashes win though… Come on England! Retain
that Ashes… They did? Super! Like I said, uncontrollably bored,
WTF? (fudge) so when you’re bored, you check up on the old
writing… I like writing! It passes time, been told I’m good at
it, I think the trick is practice, this blog is my practice, I love
all sport, but I can diversify, music, games, television, movies…
Living the dream >.< I well need to get
'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' when I get out,
love that film! I had Tokyo Police Club's Champ album,
seeing them live at The Hippodrome in Kingston and I just
don't understand how this happened, even mid blog my
doctor told me Royal London is a bit "hairy",
won't lie, preferred the "customer
service" at London, not even saying the doctor, just
menu's and shiznit. No closer to knowing how this
happened… SOMETHING has to change right?