As I hope you know, I had a brain hemorrhage or is it
aneurysm? on the 8th November. It’s funny because my face gets
patchy when I don’t shave, for the month of November it was
“Movember”, men grow a moustache for prostate cancer awareness (I
think I wrote about it in a blog). Then “this” happened, I’m mega
patchy, haven’t shaved in 2 months, it’s a daunting one as I never
get ill, I been known to be hauled in for excessive drinking or a
nose bleed, but this is serious, this is big. Been told the fact it
is rare for people so young (24 years old) to experience “this”
when they do, they tend to… Die O_o Grateful for each moment,
grateful for each friend. People say Facebook is fake, Facebook is
as fake as you make it, don’t like or talk to someone, delete them,
I’m happy for the support I’ve had in the past and I know each face
and it is like a book! I know I’ve been known to talk for Britain,
I do believe if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Is it God, parents,
education, myself, friends, I’ve picked up a quite hefty
vocabulary, if you don’t like it, don’t befriend me, all you can be
in life is the best you can be. As you can tell, I love writing,
will write a book when all this is said and done, I love all 302
friends, actually been and it’s been done to me, “shipped” out of a
friends list, not the end of the world, means “they’re not worth
it”, they’re probably not. If someone ever needs neurosurgery “The
Royal London” in Whitechapel, the best neurosurgery in Britain I’ve
been told, they did save my life, I died for a bit O_o My local is
West Middlesex, so of course I want friends and family around, who
doesn’t? As a local hospital I get that now, people love and need
to see me, I love to see them. My family does mean the world to me,
but you dont want them to stop living, if they can without the
thought of me in hospital. So be it. I know everyone is different,
but even mid blog my sister is calling that she feels like she
should visit, use the time off “Alex duty”. I know my blog has been
sports centric, but that’s the reason for the “general musings”
category no? I do love sports, always have, I do love music, movies
and television as well! I dunno the reason for “this”, it doesn’t
half solidify old beliefs and sayings though.