I won’t lie to you, this time last year I’d of said no, I’d of thought you typo’ed the month ‘November’, but no, this is for real, and it seems here to stay. Fair enough Breast Cancer Awareness have a pink ribbon, it seems very well known worldwide and just the look of a pink ribbon is synonymous with the Awareness scheme, but recently, Prostate Cancer Awareness is getting it’s chance in the spotlight. People will think what will this month come in the form of? A black ribbon, a football, a Rolex watch? No, it comes in the simple task of men not to shave their top lip for the month of November, I bring to you… “Movember“. This idea and form of Awareness has reportedly been around since 1999 by a group of Australian men from Adelaide, but since 2004, the Movember Foundation has been set up and organise events to raise awareness.

In 2007, events were set up in the UK, the United States, the Republic of Ireland, Spain and Canada, all for in the name of Prostate Cancer and Depression awareness, this isn’t even some small time operation either, some big names and companies have got involved all in the name of bringing awareness to those men unknowing of the benefits of being checked up on as well as self-examination. Members of the 2009 Rugby Union Autumn International touring side of Australia chose not to shave for the whole tour all in the name of Movember <click here to watch video of the Australian starting lineup>, the BBC had a video on “How to grow a Good Moustache“, the Daily Telegraph have a video and article and lets not forget “inspirational gallery” on Movember, Snickers have a Facebook page devoted to Movember with competitions and whatnot, I think I prefer NBC’s take on “famous moustaches” though.

Who has a bad word to say about Tom Selleck?

I myself will try my best to don a moustache for if one can don one, one becomes a don…Yes I just made that up, good though right? I just love the idea of bringing back a style that doesn’t take itself too seriously, flares came back, denim jackets came back, that’s all I can think of at the moment as lets be honest, I’m a bloke, I really don’t keep up with fashion nor “do” retro. My point is I think Movember can only get bigger and bigger to the point that not to do it will be a sign of the type of person you are, I feel the only way things such as Prostate Awareness will get recognised is by such a big statement as such as, oh, lets say a moustache. You really do just have to ask yourself, WWTSD (What Would Tom Selleck Do).