I remember watching ‘The Premiership’, much is the custom in our house. Dad and I would park ourselves and watch ‘Match of
the Day’, but ‘The Premiership’ was in that stretch of time when Premiership highlight coverage was solely shown on itv. Thanks to
text messaging and word of mouth of on a Saturday afternoon, there was one goal I was waiting in anticipation for, but almost
unknowingly one bit of commentary stuck with that “one goal” and as we all know a great piece of commentary alongside a great goal can go down in history and be linked until the end of time.

"They think it's all over, it is now" - Original... NOT!

The moment I saw this goal I and hopefully other can agree but to automatically link it with that commentary but Kenneth Wolstenholme so point out whenever there is archive footage of Sir Geoff Hurst scoring the goal to make it England 4 – 2 West Germany in the 1966 World Cup at Wembley. There are certain moments in time that are automatically linked this to the point that if people ask anyone “what was the commentary to go with that iconic bit of footage” if they don’t say “They think it’s all over, it is now” I’ll be frank that they are not really someone I want to talk to basically. So that may not be remotely true but I think it is easy to get my point with this as it is a “no-brainer” and I just have to say that they’re most likely not a football fan.

"Our Wayne" when he originally signed for United in 2004, yipe!

From the moment I watched that Rooney goal, I knew I would remember the name, England had their next Michael Owen (being the youngest Premier League scorer at the time), and with “That goal”, it ended Arsenal’s 30 match unbeaten run. That all happened on 19th October 2002, I was 16 back then, so was “our Wayne”, his birthday is on the 24th October, and this post is/was written on the 21st October 2010… Weird, and so all this talk of Rooney wanting away from Manchester United is just a bit surreal. Anywho, back in 2004 “our Wayne” left Everton for Manchester United for £25.6 million, a move seen as understandable as lets be honest, Manchester United have a history of nurturing young talent. Rooney has won 3 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League title, 2 League Cup titles, 1 Club World Cup title, and 2 Community Shield titles, the number of individual titles are endless, so when Wayne Rooney says he wants to leave, what do you make of it?

When I heard HIS reason was ambition, I was inclined to agree. Manchester United sell a star player like Cristiano Ronaldo, and since have brought in Antonio Valencia, Michael Owen, Gabriel Obertan, Mame Biram Diouf, Javier Hernandez, and Bebe, doesn’t really brim you with excitement, no? Manchester United don’t seem to be investing to battle with a Manchester City team that seems to be getting stronger with each passing season, they have the pulling power now to take “our” players, Carlos Tevez anyone? In a sport that is quickly turning more money, mercenary, and to be honest mediocre (Thanks Big 4 dominance) you can’t help but think Wayne Rooney, once the player that seemed “all about the game”, may have turned the corner OR may have just duped us all from the beginning, he’s all about the money.

Wayne Rooney did leave Everton for Manchester United, Everton have their own recent record of youth development so maybe the love on the money aspect seemed less obvious, a move to a club with merely a better chance of winning trophies, and having European football etc. It couldn’t be the money could it? Back in the 2003/04 season, Rooney still at Everton at the time, turned down a new 3 year £12,000 a week contract extension, this opened the door to a bidding war between Manchester United and Newcastle United. Manchester United won said bidding war and thus began his footballing career in earnest, the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Champions League, the League Cup, the Club World Cup, the Super Cup, you name it, he’s played in it, called up for England on a number of accounts. With such decoration comes a demand, a level of expectation, and if need be, a price. Some people say this story is merely a contract negotiation shown in broad daylight, if so, why the change in Manchester United’s previously perfect record of “contract negotiations are done in complete privacy until finalised”, Rooney trying to haggle for more money? If so, then yes, Rooney isn’t as wholesome and loyal to a team as most of us thought, I mean he burnt Everton, are Manchester United next on the list? All us Manchester United fans had “beer goggles” on, and now that we’re the team that loses out this time, we can see how Everton must have felt?

My best friend (he’s a Chelsea fan, but I shan’t hold it against him) texted me on Wednesday and asked me “So what’s your verdict on Rooney?“, I texted back “I was upset when Cantona retired, I was upset when Beckham, van Nistelrooy, and Ronaldo went to Real Madrid, but no ONE player is forever indispensable. My concern is Ronaldo left in/before his prime, Rooney as well? Manchester United tend to get rid of players AFTER their prime, but one thing is constant, AFTER playing for United the only direction is down“, unlimited texts by the way, hence the seem-able essay. I don’t want to sound like some delusional fan, as I do try to see the whole picture, history, and possibilities, but in all honesty, is there a better life or career after Manchester United? Diego Forlan aside, I can’t think of a
player that has replicated or bettered the years spent at Manchester United, I dare you to prove me wrong!