If you haven’t heard already, “Radio 1’s saviour” Chris Moyles “displayed” his displeasure of the BBC’s hierarchy for not paying him his wages for the past 2 months live on air this morning on his breakfast radio show ‘The Chris Moyles Show’. There seems to be a lot of “he’s right to have done it”, “he’s wrong to have done it”, “I don’t care”, “He’s paid too much anyway”, “Who Chris Moyles?” talk being bouted around, I suppose I’m another brick in the wall.

Personally I think he’s paid too much, there, I said it. You all probably think the same thing, but where you and I may differ on this belief is if BBC are willing to pay Mr. Moyles £700,000 a year, they better honour the commitment.  Sure I don’t agree with it, but then it’s for me to call, write, email, (some way contact, as it’s so hard these days) the BBC Trust, the independent board that are there to keep the BBC in line, with its output as well as how they generally go about serving the public, and the public’s interest. I won’t do that, I’m not white, 50, and middle-class, black, 24, and middle-class so I’ll leave it for someone else to  do, no?

I digress… Chris Moyles, paid REPORTEDLY £700,000 a year, so to the people saying “paid too much”, to who? To you? Well Chris Moyles isn’t going to turn around an say “£700,000 a year, that’s too much for a 4 hour and 30 minute slot, Monday to Friday from 6:30am-10am”. And yes, the people that are saying “he should say no” are foolish, if a company are going to pay you that much, you take it, no questions asked and none given. So the amount is agreed upon, Chris Moyles signs the contract, he even tweets his joy and happiness, and celebrates with “a few drinks tonight”, well done Mr. Moyles… KUDOS! So where’s the problem? You tell me. BBC want you, you want the money, clearly some 8 million plus listeners want you, so where’s the beef?

So it seems it’s all BBC’s doing this stunt in allowance, so what better way to act on such a horrible situation, 2 months without pay, what better way to “stick it to the man”, blab on the radio, real professional I’m sure.  Now us “common people” go to the bank, the supervisor, the manager, the HR department, etc, we don’t shout our discomfort of the situation to every customer we serve, does a Customer Service Assistant at McDonalds, Marks & Spencer’s or GAME complain to every customer they serve? No, and neither should Chris Moyles, he should have spoken to the producer, or at the next meeting, or someone within the company. You can’t put it up to a public vote, it screams unprofessional. Now this is where the BBC have a hard choice, suspend, sack, or “act like nothing’s happened”, knowing the Beeb, it’ll act like nothing’s happened.

Again, people saying he’s paid too much and what’s 2 months, you forget to take into consideration, with a £700,000 a year contract comes a level of living, a style, and it’s not cheap. A house, a flat, a car, insurance etc. all cost more if you have the money to pay for it, so to say “you’re paid enough”, not really. Sure my heart doesn’t bleed out for Chris Moyles, I never “loved” or “had to tune in”, but he’s providing a service, the agreement is there, either tell him what’s he’s done to be treated so shabbily, release him from his contract so he can go sign somewhere else for the money he feels he deserves, OR renegotiate the contract.