I find it hilarious this is considered news for a number of reasons. Reason number one, and the one that really matters… It’s his personal life, it’s not our place to know or care. I’ve written it and said it a couple of times, unless this is a matter that ruled him out of the England Team, in which it isn’t, where’s the concern? Another thing that makes me really laugh is the football fans, Manchester United fans mostly, but a fair number of England fans included, couldn’t care less either. Why don’t we care? Because we care what Wayne Rooney does ON the pitch, OFF it, sure you get mocked, there’s a nickname thrown about, but long story short, the days of long-term abuse seem to have died in English football. There IS the odd exception…

Ashley Cole got the infamous nickname ‘CA$Hley’, for the unknowing reading this I shall explain why. It came as a result of Cole back in 2006, he turned his back on the football team that nurtured him in his youth (Arsenal) and gave him a first-team appearance, the chance to impress, get called up for England,  basically starting his football career. Why did Ashley Cole turn his back on this team that put so much time, effort, and money into his development? The sake of £5000, yes Chelsea were willing to pay Cole an extra £5,000 when it came the time of talks that Ashley Cole felt it was his time to get a new contract.

John Terry, the jokes that came from his affair with team-mate and close friend Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend at the time Vanessa Perroncel. Jokes such as “A Chelsea player is stopped for speeding at 130mph in a 30mph zone. When the police ask him to explain, he says: “I’ve just heard John Terry is parked outside my house””, “John Terry is to release a charity single – it’s a version of The Cars’ My Best Friend’s Girl”, and of course the classic “Gag order lifted in Terry case? That’s what SHE said!”.

Frank Lampard, he allegedly had an affair, and as a result was dumped by his long-time fiancee Elen Rives, or Steven Gerrard in his punch up with a man in a bar after Liverpool won 5-1 vs. Newcastle in the 2008/09 season. I use these incidents as examples of how quickly they dissolve into nothingness, they all have their night sure the day is long and the people involved hope for the night sooner rather than later, it eventually comes.

So the latest being Wayne Rooney, I personally don’t care, and neither should fans of football, I doubt they do. The only people that seem to care and harp on about it are tabloid readers, housewives, people that generally like the gossip and insight of a “celebrity’s” life. Thus I believe there is a staunch difference between a “football fan” and “I watch football”, the only way I can say it is my mum seems to watch football, she knows the headlines any given day, she will sit there with my dad watching a match while periodically leaving the room. A “football fan” will sit down, and you can barely get two words out of them as they watch, digest, love each millisecond of action on the pitch, soak up every word said by the commentator, even spend the money for Sky Sports, ESPN, a 3D tv with silly glasses, if not, HD AT LEAST! These are football fans. So when you say to a football  fan “what do you think of Wayne Rooney’s extra curricular activities?” A football fan will say “I don’t care”, “I dunno”, or merely “none of my business”, even more likely “he’s against <insert name of football fan’s club team here> next week, I need to think of some jokes or chants”.

I used to be a “football fan”, but I suppose I merely “watch football” now, is it the fact England can’t get to a Semi Final of a major tournament? Is it because as much as I’m a Manchester United fan, the same ol’ “Big 4” aggravates me? Is it because just thinking about the price and the wage of the average player in the Premier League at times can physically make me ill? Maybe it’s one or two, even all those, maybe even more, I don’t know, but I really don’t follow football like I used to, so why could I give two figs about Wayne Rooney and what he gets up to? Why should any of us? Unless Rooney loses a leg, gets arrested and thus effects him playing in a major tournament, or goes to Africa without getting his jabs and thus contracts malaria (random thought that one), neither should you.