Where’s my button?

The term, the people, the act… all seem to be dwindling. I love playing it, and other people should to, it simply questions people and generally gives you a good chance of checking if people really do have a solid leg to stand on. People just seem to say “I dunno”, and that’s acceptable, how can that be deemed as acceptable? If you say it, you must believe it, but WHY do you believe it? It may not be given straight away, but when someone can say what they like and hope people agree.

A couple of times I’ve played Devil’s Advocate just to see if the person I’m questioning can give a good example, or argue their point. You say you agree with them, but then they’ll say “why are you disagreeing then?”, simply put, because I can, isn’t that democracy? We have democracy, but every now and again you need to use it, most people think it’s God given, well no, some people on this earth try to stop democracy, so others fight and protest for it, so if THAT’S the case, why are some people willing to merely put up a flag or say they “support” troops and democracy but don’t actually use their right to democracy?

Why do I love devils advocate, it keeps a friend on their toes, I get to use it to pass time, I see if they can catch me out. It’s not me looking for a fight, or an argument, it’s merely I think as much as I’m quite liberal, I like to say I’m quite conservative as well.

The only way I can put it, is my friend was stating ” is going to get relegated”, I pretty much stated all the things that could make that statement incorrect and all he could say was “you don’t support them, why do you care?”, granted I didn’t care par say, but my friend doesn’t support them either so why was he so 100% sure they were going to get relegated? I just stated “just because you deserve to get relegated, doesn’t mean you will. You sometimes get teams that are just lucky there are 3 other teams in worse place and get relegated instead” in which I think will happen this year for this quite woeful team.

Another friend had a boyfriend when we were in college, he messed her about, but he may still like her 8 years on, and you know the type of friends i’m talking about, unless within 5 years of education, or a convenient living arrangement or a real bond, they are merely relegated to “Social Networking Friends”, so don’t think I’m choosing one over the other now. But I digress… I said to this friend “try giving him another chance”, she said “why”, I said “8 years is a long time, he may have grown up a bit”. Now these are situations that by no means relate to me, but I couldn’t help but play Devil’s Advocate, to put yourself in a moment of what if, maybe just maybe, and that may just be the problem at the moment, a lack of motivation, a lack of questioning, a lack of confrontation, what is it? Devil’s Advocate is dying :/