Well basically Laurent Blanc and the new French hierarchy have  “suspended” the 23 men named for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. I know tonight is only a friendly against Norway, but what it does is gives “the next generation” of players a chance without any added pressure, it is quite ingenious to say the least.

Now I know England couldn’t get away with this, their fans, well the ones that are borderline hooligans and thugs wouldn’t stand for it… at all, they don’t see the difference between individuals in a squad, and the team performance. These England fans are NOT everyone, I mean I looked in the paper and they were promoting family tickets, I get it, they want football to be a family thing, but lets be honest, you go to a match, it’s men, it’s a working class dad with his son, I know that’s a generalisation, but you have to be general at times,  as it will take all day and night to name every type of fan.

I was talking to a friend that brought up the fact Bobby Zamora of Fulham was named for the England squad, he, like many others see it as a mistake, I don’t, it’s a friendly after all. Try new things, new players, it’s a fresh start.

I’m not saying we should all forget quite a horrendous World Cup like it never happened, but lets focus somehow. I don’t like the fact the England hierarchy is the same, the coach is the same, the same players… It’s just more of the same. This friendly is meant to be a chance to prepare for such a future, but it’s the same, all the same. Ok so a couple of players have retired, some haven’t been selected, but both reasons for omission are based on age, not on ability or in what should be the reason for any squad selection, form, form in club AND country. The club season hasn’t started yet, so it has to be country, and bar the players that are getting their first cap tonight, none of the current squad that featured in the team at South Africa bar CA$Hley Cole deserve to be selected.