I remember saying this to my sister last month (July, then again, could be June, wow, this year is going too fast!),  she laughed, I smiled, I had that feel of “Alexism”, a list of unsung, anonymous,  pretty much fifth-rate sayings, words, metaphors along the lines of what everyone’s favourite manager Ian “Olly” Holloway spouts out at every post-match press conference.

In reflection, this is one of my more symbolic, more iron-clad “Alexisms”. I believe it, I’ve begun to live by it, I seriously want to die by it. If you still have no idea what it’s a metaphor… for… Here it is…

A freighter

“Life is like a Freighter ship”…  Freighters are notoriously slow, carry a lot of cargo, there for a purpose, they tend to meet their purpose… well unless pirates occasionally plunder. Well what I believe is with metaphor in mind, is “You may have set a course, but people can disrupt it, or even worse, you may have set the wrong course all together, it can take some time to alter a course, it doesn’t happen over-night”.

And so I say, I believe it’s never too late to alter your course, it can take time, but all you need is to know how to alter it, the tools and effort it’ll take to alter it, and most importantly, an alternative destination, hopefully a more fruitful destination than the last. You need to be ambitious if you’re going to aim all you can to such a task.