I’m not deluded, I try not to be deluded anyway. A lot of television nowadays is a case of “I’ll watch it because there is nothing else on”, no better advertisement for this feel of televisual apathy than Eastenders. So bad it’s good.

The only place that in the month of July, they “tackled” with Islam, Christianity, and most recently Judaism… Amazing! In Islam we had the Christian & Syed story, in Christianity we had the Lucas story, with Judaism you have the Darren & Jodie (actually had to Google her name… Oh Eastenders, you sly ol’ dog you!).

I think the magic in Eastenders is that it’s the mother of all “what if” programmes. What if you were an adult and wanted to get a circumcision? What if you had a family, how far would you got to keep it together? Gay relationships in any religion, ok? No? It’s the mother of all “well we’ll test it in Eastenders, fans can be amused, and groups can either rise from what they see or fall”, is Eastenders in essence a testing-dish?

At least with Big Brother they say they try to get a cross-section of the British public, what is Eastenders? Maybe that’s why Big Brother is on the way out and Eastenders is still going. We don’t need reality, if we want reality we can turn off the tv and walk outside, what we crave is escapism, but what Eastenders does is work on different levels, if you want to see it as an alternative universe you can, if you want to grab the odd ponderment and insight you can, if you just want to see it as a comedy you can.

The only worry, like most of television today is some people take these programmes TOO seriously, and it’s those that will watch an Eastenders actor on another show or programme and say “I don’t like , they to “… ITS NOT REAL PEOPLE!