When Alan Hansen said way back in was it 1994 or 1995 on an episode (do they come in episodes? Who knows?) Match of the Day “You don’t win anything with kids”… Then Manchester United went on to win the league… with kids. Ian Wright said Arsenal wouldn’t finish in the Champions League places after two vital (and for their position on the football field) veterans such as Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor left the club, the screams of “Arsenal don’t have a defence, and who will score the goals?” came into people minds and for some people, it was even said… Ian Wright being one person. How many times does it take for these “experts” to realise it’s sport, it’s unpredictable, and more importantly, anything is possible.

My point is, how many of these kind of situations need to arise before fans just think and say “we’ll see”. No-one could bet on Liverpool finishing 6th, Newcastle United getting relegated the season before, and Tottenham Hotspur finishing 4th, and for a bit (well kind of, be kind to them) were in with a shout of finishing 3rd ahead of the more “loud neighbours in town” Arsenal. Football, like any sport is quite unpredictable. If it was predictable, we’d all be millionaires, the betting business would be OUT OF BUSINESS, and BSkyB would actually have to try with their in-house/original programming as Sky Sports and Sky Sports HD (yes… that is a dig at them! I shan’t be bullied!) would be seen as pointless purchases as who would pay £15+ a month on their Premier League Darts or Snooker? Sport is so UNpredictable, when people predict it, it makes me laugh, what gives them an insight to it? If they were any good, they would be coaching, or advising from a boardroom, not in a television studio on a Saturday afternoon analysing, predicting, commentating, or presenting surely?

I love watching sport as everyone reading these blogs should know, I have quite an insight into a lot of sports, hence I want to explore journalism. BUT,  I don’t know if it was 3 or 4 years ago, I just had an epiphany… Football isn’t the world, sure I want my team to win, but to die for them, to tattoo myself, to follow them high and low… why? It just doesn’t make sense. So I watch my matches, I’ll shout at the television, I’ll converse with friends that the referee’s a w@*£”, but seriously, it can’t be your everything, that’s just insane, if doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help those around you, dare I say it, if you think like that, football is no better than porn!

So with this 2010/11 season on the doorstep, I can have a feeling of who will win, but to bet money, to get a season ticket, all a bit… overboard no? I’ll most likely watch, if I don’t, I’ll be ridiculed, I’ll be vilified, I won’t have much to talk about with my dad. But for what it’s worth, football is my Twitter, you find people that you may not normally fraternise with, but due to a shared appreciation, you talk to them, you bond. After it’s all said and done though, you move on with your life, and that is just it, find a life to go back to, if football is your life, WATCHING sport is your life… uhoh.