How can anyone really be so against people like Cheryl Cole or Dwain Chambers? Personally I am not really much of fan of Cheryl Cole, but then again I’m not really much of a fan of Dwain Chambers either. I can’t explain exactly why, maybe it’s the profession, the sex, race, the personality, or just something else completely different, but I can’t help but dislike Cheryl Cole more than Dwain Chambers, as what Cheryl Cole did was unacceptable. Like I said, point out the racial aspect, my race, the toilet attendants race, Dwain Chambers’ race (no pun intended), but you can’t beat up on someone in a public restroom, even if it was “allegedly”, don’t put yourself in the position to be accused.

I don’t know if it’s because Dwain Chambers is representing a country/kingdom and with myself being a part of said country/kingdom, you want him to win, urge him to win, I don’t know. But with Cheryl Cole, she is herself and stands by herself. I don’t really care much about X Factor, I’ve never been one to care for X Factor, but then I’ve never really cared much for athletics, so don’t think I’ve chosen one over the other due to preference. Maybe it’s the pride that comes with athletics and someone like Dwain Chambers winning 100m, 200m, 400m or relay, happy he is British and the happiness you have, like if Andy Murray won a Grand Slam, or when rowers, boxers, or cyclers win at an Olympics.

You can’t go long on the radio or the television without hearing Cheryl Cole’s name, she’s on the front page of newspapers and magazines, the same newspapers and magazines people can’t go without reading some story about her somewhere in the publication. Dwain Chambers on the other hand, bar the drug scandal, you barely hear about him and nowadays unless you really look, I don’t think you actually find any information about him, or hear about him unless he is winning something or other.

It’s just funny how many years have passed with Cheryl Cole, people forget that she “allegedly” beat up a toilet attendant. With Dwain Chambers on the other hand, how much time has passed and people still remember that there is he took an illegal drug, either way, if he took it knowingly or unknowingly, that’s not the case, the fact is it was in his system. Was it because there’s proof to Chambers but not to Cole? Is it character? I just don’t know.

I only use Dwain Chambers and Cheryl Tweedy, Cole, Tweedy-Cole, Cole-Tweedy as an example, other people once or still on the public fence are Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, John Terry, Angelina Jolie. I’m not saying these people, besides countless others are perfect, or should be seen as perfect, I mean they’re only human, but when do you say “forget what they did, it was ages ago?”, like ex-cons, “they’ve done their time, received their punishment, what else is there to do?”.