So everyone is saying the Green Bay Packers have as good a chance as any to get to the Super Bowl this season, other teams seem to be having issues, and more important than anything, our once fearless leader Brett Favre isn’t our annual headache! This is the first time I’ve been able to type this with a weightless, almost, “what-if” heart or mind.

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I couldn’t write it last season as I was full of hate for him actually joining the Minnesota Vikings as the year before the Green Bay Packers specifically put clauses in place saying the New York Jets couldn’t trade Favre to the Vikings, there was a clear loophole to that stipulation, but hind-sight is a beautiful thing, at the time, it just didn’t seem thinkable… Favre in purple. The Green Bay Packers put in a “poison pill” clause saying if the New York Jets traded Favre to the Vikings, it would cost the Jets three first round draft picks. But what did the Jets do, release him for Favre “retired”, and in releasing him, Favre was free to sign with any team he wanted… i.e. The Minnesota Vikings. For choosing the Vikings, I think any support Packers fans had for him, disappeared, I know he wanted to win with a winning team, but of all teams, the Vikings, that speaks volumes of the kind of person Favre is.

Johnny Jolly, not so jolly ¬.¬

Sure the Packers have Johnny Jolly suspended for the 2010 season for “Purple Drank” violations, but the Green Bay Packers are deep in the Defensive Line corps, and as a precaution, drafted Mike Neal in the second-round, and C.J. Wilson in the seventh-round, and we already have Justin Harrell (if he ever wants to get injury-free and durable!), and a bunch of second and third year players.

Ted Thompson (left) & Mike McCarthy (right)

Name a team, and I’ll give you an issue they have to address and their next option in the depth chart isn’t nearly as solid. The Packers must be the most complete, level team going into Training Camp, now this has taken time, time and effort, and again, the TT/MM connection does it again! Our General Manager Ted Thompson, and our Head Coach Mike McCarthy, years of “they’re rubbish, sack them”, when they’ve built a team that is young, and can contend for a number of years, this could be a dynasty here!