I don’t want to be a “sad sack” or a “loser”, but is it just me but is music just not as great as it use to be? I see myself reflecting on the music of yesterday, couldn’t even name 3 songs in the Top 40 at the moment, then comes the argument ‘when could any one say “The Top 40 reflects the times”?’ This is true, but my point is just now more than ever it’s mash ups, re-releases, “stolen basslines” (you know, when it’s basically only the lyrics and genre of the person using it that makes an old 80’s song, new and basically not labelled a re-release or “homage”).

And it’s the “stolen basslines” that got me to write this blog. I think the best example of a “stolen bassline” is Plan B’s current song ‘Prayin”, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s catchy, but I’ve heard it all before, it’s only the words and how the song is delivered that saves it. Basically…

‘Prayin” by Plan B = ‘Stop Me’ by Mark Ronson feat. Daniel Merriweather = Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’  by The Smiths

And is this a new form of  music? “Third Generation of the Original Song”? It’s just a shame, as people of a certain age possibly without the right person telling them would think the newest song is 100% original without any homage or influence. I’m not a music snob, I don’t think I’am anyway, but it is a bit of a pet-peeve. Limp Bizkit (remember them?) they did their own version of ‘Faith’ by George Michael, that didn’t bother me and I was aware of the original, and even if I wasn’t aware of the original, they tended to say as much in interviews or even on stage. Nowadays much like ‘Shout for England’ by James Corden & Dizzee Rascal, I didn’t know it was influenced by Tears for Fears, mainly because I’m not a Tears for Fears fan, but they would have got away with it if YouTube didn’t suggest the original music video to me. It just seems to hit me as a bit rude to deceive music listeners.

I know these writers and performers aren’t planning to deceive, just feels that way, do they ever say their influences, do journalists ever write it? People are just assumed to know.