I’M SO GEARED UP FOR THE NFL SEASON! slowly but surely I’ve been liking American Football more than Football and this may be ‘the break through’ year. The year I don’t feel compelled to watch EVERY British Premier League match, I may not even catch the big matches either. This is all still me in “International Mode”, things could change quickly, just all I know is I’m more amped for the NFL season than I’ am the Premier League… That’s all I can say of this posting.

The fact I’ve changed my twitter display picture and my twitter background to support the Green Bay Packers, my team for the past 10 years, at least! I love them I really do! I wrote on my Fox Sports Blog some time ago what do you do when your favourite player leaves your favourite team? Unlike in football/soccer, it’s not unheard of for a fan to follow the player to his new team. So if Wayne Rooney, or Cesc Fabregas, or Didier Drogba signed for another team, say Drogba to Manchester City, you’d stop supporting Chelsea and following their matches, and support and follow Man City… Sounds impossible right? Not in America!

There have been players that have left the Packers that when they win with their new team and I hear the result, or I’m an impartial neutral of both teams and I’m watching at the time, I may side a little in their favour, to full blown forget one team and support and follow another, couldn’t do that, seems like you’re cheating on your old team.

I chose to follow and support the Packers and so I shall, and that is one thing I LOVE about all North American teams, no team is top dog forever. You can’t be a “glory hunter” as for instance the San Francisco 49ers dominated the late 80’s/early 90’s, Dallas Cowboys dominated the mid/late 90’s, New England Patriots dominated the early 00’s, but those teams now are not guaranteed a return to the Superbowl this year or recently, no team is, it makes for genuine excitement and intrigue that the British Premier League would love right now. I mean that World Cup was woeful, the Premier League, unless some big name signs this Summer, seems to be losing ground on La Liga as “The League”, no pun intended! My point is, where’s the pulling power for the Premier League now all their “Star Players” did nothing at the World Cup. Not just Rooney and the entire England squad. Torres, Fabregas was on the bench for Spain, Drogba, Tevez, Robinho, Vidic, it seems at quite a shambles at the moment for the BPL.

So this is my breakout year… My “What’s the English Premier League?” year, where I’ll do everything in my power to watch EVERY Green Bay game, couldn’t say the same for Manchester United… Not at all!