This time yesterday, we were (well anyone interested in football) gearing up for the 2010 World Cup Final, now much like every team and league, and club, we (well anyone interested in football) are reflecting, in The Netherlands case, licking their wounds, in 31 countries, the focus moves to domestic football, maybe if your country doesn’t have it’s own league (New Zealand for example, and yet they were statistically the only team in the 2010 World Cup to be undefeated, quite the feat!), you’re looking at your favourite national player and what they do.

It’s funny how when your nation gets eliminated from the World Cup, there is a mini inquest, sometimes there’s a big inquest (France), but as quickly as it starts, it over before the World Cup actually finishes, so now it has, it can either come back with a vengeance, or it can seep away into the darkness, only time will till. France will say they now have Laurent Blanc, they now only have to say which players will be omitted from playing for the national team again. In England’s case it was all the questions that came up this time in 2002 with Sven Goran Eriksson in charge, but until the English FA address the problem, whatever it may be, it’s just a case of ‘rinse and repeat’, the fact the English FA said it would decide Fabio Capello’s fate in two weeks, was closer to two days when they announced “Mr. Capello” was staying on.

So now the World Cup is over, domestic league, English Premier League, it’s funny in England there are question marks of “Is the Barclays Premier League really the best league in the world?”, once upon a time, it was undisputed, but I think the dark ages are here, Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dennis Bergkamp, Alan Shearer, Jurgen Klinsmann, these were World Players, either retirement or “moving on” has changed the Premier League. It’s almost like the Premier League is a watered down concentrate drink now. For a Cristiano Ronaldo that leaves, an Antonio Valencia is introduced, a Jurgen Klinsmann, Alan Shearer, Dennis Bergkamp that retires, a Jermaine Defoe, an Andy Carroll, a Robin van Persie is introduced. The inconvenient truth is “What does the Premier League want to do? Focus on the league and keep it’s appeal by bringing in ‘The Best Players the World’ on offer, and money can buy”, or to nurture the homegrown so come continental and world tournaments like the European Championship and the World Cup, they have the ability to compete?

I don’t think there’s a secret to it, football is almost over-saturated with money, the wages, the prize money, monopolies soon become apparent, and soon the lower teams try to “punch above their weight” and borrow heavily or simply spend more than their annual turnover to break into said monopolies, and so debt is soon apparent. The UEFA Champions League will consist of the same teams and the same people will pull the strings. Football is more a business than a “beautiful game” nowadays.

So with this said, I’m still eager to watch it all happen… Yes… The English Premier League is my equivalent of Eastenders or Big Brother, you know you shouldn’t watch it, there are better things you could be doing with your 70 years (on average) on this earth, was meh, you wanna be entertained, you don’t wanna be left out of the conversation come the following Monday, or parties, or gatherings, so you find yourself watching it. I’ll read back this blog this time in October, definitely March and say to myself “You wrote this?”, and this is how I feel about it… It’s easy to type when it’s not the season for it, and everyone’s still in ‘National Team Mode’, when it becomes ‘Domestic League Mode’ you know that nice guy called ‘Steve’ during England vs. Slovenia in the pub, becomes ‘Steve, he supports Newcastle, gonna have to think of ways of ridiculing him”.

What a difference a day makes indeed.

And so, now I’m reacclimatising to ‘Domestic League Mode’, I can’t help but think due to this endless ‘Recession’ (we’re still in it aren’t we? The stories of the Raoul Moat Manhunt, and the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico have stopped me from knowing), so English Premier League teams aren’t really in the market for superstars… or are they? David Silva and Yaya Toure to Manchester City seems to have started this quality player sweepstake. Now SOME PEOPLE will say “who are they?”, so you know these are the people that can’t REALLY be football fans as Yaya Toure and David Silva may not be household names in England, but they are good “can walk onto most teams” kinda players. I don’t understand the move for Silva to be perfectly honest as Adam Johnson was already at left-wing and only signed for Manchester City in January 2010, unless it’s going to be Ashley Cole/Wayne Bridge all over again, this time for City, and Johnson WILL NOT be playing the role of Ashley Cole.

In the coming days, weeks, month of July, the Big Hitters will move in their preferred Summer Signings, a difference a day makes, they say the Summer Transfer Window opened the last day of the season, come a World Cup year, it opens the day after the World Cup Final, let the offers and buying commence (Disclaimer: Recession could effect number of offers)