You do actually forget, not like “only crap, I dunno where my feet go, what should I do next?” but definitely it feels foreign, like you’d done it before, but like a life-time ago! Yes, I’ve recently fixed up my bicycle and used it for short distance travel. Because I’m black, I count short distance as like 2 or 3 miles so THINK BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME! You thought I meant 120 metres to my local Tesco Metro… NO! THAT’S lazy, I just stopped, and asked myself “what is the point of paying £1.20 on a Oyster when I don’t have to”?

The long haul is to drive, maybe even get a motorcycle, always said I wanted a motorcycle but my family were dead against it… I hate them for that I swear, not really, I’m seriously trying not to use “LOL”, or “ROFL”, or any other shorthand text speak as this is a blog, not an instant message, I’m trying to discipline myself in that sense of the word. And I suppose that brings me to my next point, I don’t think it’s every too late to start over, I know it’s easy to say, 24 years old, dashing, but I feel older, always have, think I always will, FEEL older, I’ve never ACTED my age or older, so therefore I’m drawing a line, and seriously trying to turn some aspects of my life around.

Riding a bike, I swear my tooshy doesn’t half hurt and blisters… since when? I never had these issues when I was 14… did I? I think generally people think their childhood was always more cheerful, more bright and colourful than it actually was in reality. It’s a trick of the mind, what we would is idolise the past, “when things were more simple”, but surely with “simple” comes “a lack of sophistication”, “basic”, “unimaginative” . To think of a time without the internet, the mobile phone, the mp3 player, I only say the things _I_ personally use day in day out, not including medical technological advances, explorational advances, manufacturing advances would be unthinkable. Now I think the problem is people get comfortable, or they abuse the use of these things. The internet could be used for research or to generally better ourselves, but generally people use the internet for recreational use. You ask someone something, the inability some show to type it into Google is astonishing.

My point is, we say “the past was golden” when I thoroughly doubt it, it’s merely “better in the mind” than what you’re witnessing on the day-to-day. I love my mp3 player, BUT I still buy CDs, I love the Internet, but I do still use a dictionary, I love iPod Touches/iPhones/PCs/Macs but I still use a pen and paper. I just feel we shouldn’t FORGET the past, but by no means DWELL in it. This age of “LOL”, “LMAO”, and “ROFL”, you type it, but do you even mean it? I seriously doubt you “Laughed Out Loud” or that I’m  “Laughing My Arse/Ass Off” and I would never think of “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”, these phrases are so over-used people see it and actually know it means nothing more than “I giggled to myself”.

I think the past is a bicycle, and we’re all forgetting how to ride it. I’m trying my best to “get back on” so to speak, in the great words of Delia Smith CBE, “Where are you? Where are you? Let’s be ‘avin’ you! Come on!”