The NHS is a joke! I’m a British National. Born and raised! Yet the way the NHS advertise like they’re on the last drops of donated blood, I go down to the local blood mobile, and you need to book an appointment, you get a card, how many times you’ve given blood before gets taken into account.

For a thing so vital, and an organisation so urgent of, and excuse the pun, in need of new blood, they seem pretty selective. You fill in the form and you get questions indirectly asking if you are homosexual and have you ever performed homosexual acts, and if even just the once, you know, that one time in university, we’ve all been there, you can’t give blood. This part, call me ignorant, has never bothered me, I’m not a homosexual so why would it? But things like that do get me thinking “what’s so bad about a homosexual’s blood compared to a heterosexual’s blood”? You’ll say HIV, but I’m sure there are tests for that? 21st Century and all that.

Now I went to Nigeria for 10 days, from the end of May to the beginning of June, and because of that, I can’t give blood, they say because of malaria and whatnot… Though I took the tablets and the necessary precautions, I have to wait till November 18th…YOU’RE ALRIGHT NHS! You can no longer have my blood… Shove off! RIGHT OFF! Bloody (excuse the pun) joke!