On 2nd June 2010, I finally did what I should have done originally when it came out in 1997, I watched the first, original adaptation of Nick Hornby’s classic, ‘Fever Pitch’. The man that brought ‘About A Boy’ and ‘High Fidelity’ into our lives, struck a chord with me straight away with this story. I LOVE sports, all sports, most likely not a sport I don’t like… Except Bass Fishing… WTF IS THAT about? Anywho, I’m also quite the romantic and also very empathetic, so without being a ‘hater’, I can see how most women don’t like or understand the love most men have for sports.

I remember when I first watched ‘The Perfect Catch’ (‘Fever Pitch’ is known as such anywhere outside of the US and Canada). Only picked it up because I’d seen Jimmy Fallon in ‘Taxi’ and for what it was, wasn’t so bad, Drew Barrymore seems to have been given a second lease of film acting life, and of course, the obvious reason, I love the Boston Red Sox. So to see a film with all thr ingredients, I merely thought to myself, “why not?”, it wasn’t like I was jumping into the abyss, I’d heard of the book and it’s synopsis, it’s a modern-day classic, and generally I like Nick Hornby’s work. It goes without saying that I loved the film and the staple on the end of the film to mention the Red Sox 2004 World Series win, fantastically done without seeming unnecessary and rushed, I truly believe only cinema-goers would have known the difference.

Now ‘Fever Pitch’ (The original, featuring Colin Firth and Ruth Gemill) I couldn’t appreciate AS MUCH, I’ma Manchester United fan and to watch a film that featured a “dandy” like Colin Firth, and for said dandy to support Arsenal (quite the rival to Manchester United), this was tough. For the year, the film suited the time, hit the right level of emotion, and the friendships between the ‘lads’ and the friendship between the ‘lasses’ was really well done.

To compare them would be harsh on me but on my personal opinion, I prefer ‘The Perfect Catch’, I prefer baseball, I prefer the American comedy, the actors, the way the story unfolded. I kinda had a ‘Back to the Future’ or ‘Dr Who’ feel while criticising as sure it’s the same story, but only certain points have to draw parallel, other more smaller points can fluctuate. Like the end of ‘Fever Pitch’ as a street party got me liking it more than ‘The Perfect Catch’ with their in Fenway Park getting arrested.

I’ll probably end up owning ‘Fever Pitch’ just because I can, may even get the book. But the age old story of men and sport, the only way I can compare for women to understand (may come off as sexist, never the intention) is “a Sale, or shoes/bag combo, finding it and pulling it off and most importantly the search. Best I can do really. But if you haven’t watched either film, you HAVE TO before it’s too late! Fantastic story fantastically done, a favourite for a reason!